Vamo v5 Features

Variable voltage , Bright Lcd display , wide range of coil resistances 1.5 to 5.0 ohm + A Excellent battery life just to name a few!

Customize it

The Vamo V5 is highly Versatile , with the ability to use a single 18650 battery or a single 18350 or two 18350 batteries plus the ability to accept male or female 510 connections

More Power

With the ability to take a very wide range of coil resistances from 1.5 to 5.0 ohm , vapor delivery is nearly instant for the very best vaping experience available!

Battery life

The Vamo V5 is a variable voltage and variable wattage vaporizer that also reads out your battery life and ohm also allowing the ability to check atomizer resistance all from the display!
Vamo V5 APV

The Vamo V5 APV

The Vamo V5 is a reasonably priced VV/VW APV. It's generally held in high regarded by vapor for it's ease of use and performance. Vamo has engineered the perfect vaporization device merging looks & functionality with a sleek futuristic form sporting a built in blue OLED display. The Vamo V5 is extremely well built and feels solid in the hand. Its not telescoping, per-se, but it does have a small extension tube that makes you switch between using an 18650 battery and an 18350. Its easy - want the longer battery? Just screw on the extension tube and your Vamo V5 is in 18650 mode.

The Hud display layout is one of the very best, and the horizontal screen makes things a snap to navigate. The Vamo sports 3 buttons, the main firing button as well as two smaller buttons with various functions depends on how you set up your device. The Vamo V5 allows you to turn the voltage or wattage up and down while enjoying your vape session. The Vamo V5 features sleek stylish metal buttons, a newly battery spring , as well as newly raised 510 connectors. While in variable voltage mode the V5 can go from 3v to 6v in 0.1v increments while in variable wattage mode allowing from 3.0w to 15w in 0.5w increments.

The Vamo V5 also protects your battery against dangers that were previously known to ruin expensive APV's like too much or too little current and very low resistances. You also now have the option to change the power setting from Mean to RMS depending on preference. The Vamo V5 AVP will deliver more than sufficient power overshadowing any of the competition. If a powerful yet smooth rich & highly customizable vaporization experience is what your after you wont go wrong with the Vamo V5!

Vamo V5 Kit

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Vamo V5 Kit


  • Best Apv Vaporizer Set
  • Variable Voltage/Wattage Mod
  • Full Atomizer, Battery, Charger Kit

Is the Vamo V5 right for you?

If you are looking for a Premium quality Apv vaporizer setup that can handle a wide range of voltage settings & attachments than look no further than the Vamo V5. With the V5's unique features , lcd display , 510 attachment compatibility , and VV/VW capabilities you simply just cant go wrong. The Vamo V5 offers twice the features of its competitors at nearly Half the cost making it an Affordable choice without sacrificing a drop of performance. We offer Complete customer support on the Vamo V5 should you ever need replacement parts , lithium batteries , Custom Skins , tips , or how to's & advice on how to use your Vamo V5 weve got you covered! Make sure to purchase your Vamo v5 Set & Parts from our Verified Vamo V5 dealers only to insure you receive Authentic sets and replacement units. If your in the market for a Premium Apv vaping solution than the Vamo V5 is exactly what youve been looking for!

Vamo V5 Tip:

Output voltage ranges from 3.0 V to 6.0 V, adjust the voltage +/- 0.1 V by pressing + and - buttons.
Press and hold the + button for 3 sec to display the current resistance.
Press and hold the - button for 3 sec to display battery voltage.
Output power 3 W~ 15 W.
On/off mode allows you to shut the unit off completely.
Reverse battery protection keeps circuit safe if the battery is installed backwards.
Battery monitoring shuts the unit off once battery has reached end of charge.
Amperage limiting system protects against over current situations.
Thermal monitoring shuts the device off if it detects a high temperature condition. .
Fit atomizers with resistance 1.5~5.0 ohm.
Time limit protection function, it will shut down with more than 10s each puff.
OLED screen displays " LO-O" if resistance lower than 1.2 ohm, "LO-V " if short circuit.

FAQ about Vamo V5

The Vamo V5 offers the very best in the world of Apv vaporizers merging reliability, portability, functionality and Performance into a premium vv/vw vaporizer solution.

Of course it is, the Vamo V5 sports many cutting edge safety features like short circuit prevention and automatic cutoff features when the battery is being engaged for too long , preventing damage & battery failure. For more usage tips be sure to check your Vamo V5 manual and practice safe usage as well as proper storing and cleaning.

VV/VW means variable voltage/wattage. Meaning there is some sort of chip in the device monitoring your power out put and making sure its consistent , where as a mechanical mod uses nothing but batteries and contacts therefore using only "mechanical" aspects.

Some customers have asked whether or not the vamo v5 will vaporize their herbs and if its a good option for herbal use , The Vamo v5 is capable of using a wide range of attachments including many premium quality dry herb atomizers such as the Cloutank and Pluto.

The Vamo V5 uses the most popular threading embraced by the industry the 510 thread. There is a wide variety of 510 threaded attachments available from many popular 3rd parts ranging from Tanks , Ce4/Ce5 attachments , dry herb chambers and more , changing attachments is a breeze simply twist , remove current attachment and twist back on the desired new attachment, thats it , its that easy!

5X click, OLED screen displays " on " or " off ".

Output Voltage from 3.0V to 6.0V, adjusting the working volt +- 0.1V by pressing + and - buttons.

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I bought it to my father, hoping reducing health harm on him. As things stand, it really lives up to the efficacy....

Review byElaine

So appreciated that it provides me an extraordinary opportunity to get over tobacco dependence. Expect the next surprise it will bring!...

Review byJohnny

Undeniable that it is changing my smoking habit and believe i'll finally break away from the thick smell of tobacco....

Review byDavid

It gives me completely different feeling from traditional tobacco, really a better substitute for cigarette. Worthy attempt....

Review byKristin